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Ever since siëo's inception, we have refused to play by the rules. Our focus on innovation and execution has propelled us forward with the belief that everyone deserves an opportunity to live life on their terms. The siëo team is made up of risk-takers who are committed to reshaping the entrepreneurial landscape.

Our Mission

Our Team

Austin Stofer

CEO & Founder

Matt Sandoval

CCO & Co-founder

Bennett Quintard

Chief Operations Officer

Nic Clar

Design Director

Alex Alexander

Marketing Director

Matt Kambic

Growth Strategist

Paul Connolly

Business Consultant

Amy Johansson

Business Analyst

Sarah Fletcher

Business Consultant

Seth Bayles

Legal Consultant

Kyle Mendoza

Project Manager

Aloysius Teo

Project Manager

Bridget Reeves

Marketing Consultant

Adriana Angulo


Laura Hemmington


Cheyenne Noelle

Content Strategist

Austin Margulies

Business Consultant

Dilan Mistry

Creative Intern

Brandon Taz

Creative Intern

Our Advisors

Nolan Miller


Deborah Ferber


Justin Klein


Mark Wald


Our Partners

These great companies help us support the startup ecosystem.

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