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6 Problems Startups Face When Raising Capital

It’s not easy to start a business; it’s not easy to manage a business; and it’s definitely not easy to raise capital to scale a business.

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5 Traits of an Awesome Project Manager

Having the right person at the helm can make or break a project.

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Discovering Your Inner Innovator

Problems are always solvable, and current solutions aren’t always perfect.

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The Simple Steps to Idea Validation

Time spent on a bad idea is time that you never get back.

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How to Get Your Startup Funded

Funding is vital for any entrepreneur looking to build a business.

Orange High School

Week 4: The Business Plan

The idea was solidified. The MVP had been thinned. The features had been clarified. It was time to get to work.

Orange High School

Week 3: MVP Building

This was the week we had been waiting for.

Day in the Life

When It All Changed

Demo Day is what changed everything for siëo.

Startup News

Banking Without a Building

Atom Bank is bringing banking into 2017.

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Mark Cuban’s Startup Rules

Don’t start a company unless it’s both an obsession and something you love.

Startup News

Call Centers of the Future

Even though the messaging app space is a busy one, some messaging platforms are still raising millions in funding.

Day in the Life


The essence of entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.

The Future

The Technological Singularity: A New Type of Intelligence

The AI revolution is upon us.

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Becoming an Entrepreneur

When inspiration comes, it comes quick, and it leaves even more quickly.

Day in the Life

It All Starts with an Idea

The clock read 2am.

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