Training the next generation of big thinkers.

As part of sieo’s initiative to spread entrepreneurship, we work with entrepreneurs of all ages, both inside and outside the classroom, to help them better prepare for tomorrow's workforce. 

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We saw a problem: high school attendance rates.
Our team partnered with Orange High School students to find a solution: reward students for attending class. We brought the resources, but the students brought the idea. Their idea has grown into a greater vision: to inspire engagement with teachers, classmates and lessons. Our team now gets to work with the best and brightest future CEOs to disrupt the academic landscape.

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Girls Inc.

We spent a month working with the young women of Girls Inc. of Orange County. Through the Girls Inc. YESS Summer Program, we helped equip girls with the knowledge to overcome gender, economic and social barriers. We can't wait to watch them grow into strong, smart and independent adults!

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Part of siëo's mission is to inspire independence and innovation, and we do that in Orange High School classrooms every semester. We've paired up with the entrepreneurship program to expose students to the dynamic world of startups, with the hope that our young team encourages them to discover
their inner entrepreneur.

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Made for Students, by Students.

We partnered with orange high-school to bring this idea to life
Present is reinventing the current forms of attendance tracking. Not only are we creating an easy and quick way to track attendance, but we are also increasing attendance numbers in high schools by providing incentives for students to attend class.

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