What We Did

  • ‍Ideation & Validation
  • ‍Competitor Analysis
  • Brand Development
  • Digital Design
  • ‍Marketing Strategy

The Brief

Chinese language learning isn’t easy, and for almost everyone, it wasn’t very fun either. That is something that former language analyst and Babel Dabble founder, Briun Greene, knows well. Character amnesia and an inability to distinguish between similar characters are problems faced by new and veteran Chinese language learners. When we met Briun, he had a MVP product, but no business, brand or clear route to market. Then, we got to work.

Our Solution

With a solo founder and a MVP product in development, Babel Dabble did not lack a mission or passion. It did need a team to fill in the gaps.

Our first focus was building a strong business backbone.

After analyzing the competitive landscape, we positioned the company with a clear route to market. Then, we built a brand that evokes a feeling of welcoming and community. Through the entire project, whether we were in a company development meeting or shooting his product video the focus was on turning an idea into a business that the Babel Dabble team could be proud of.

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