What We Did

  • Brand Identity
  • Website Development
  • Product Development
  • UI/UX
  • Strategy

The Brief

FABFAB is a top digital fabric printer and manufacturer but lacked a true brand. They came to use for a new visual identity, UI/UX work, and web development.

Our Solution

We wanted to completely rebrand FABFAD but also respect the companies roots in the printing industry. So we started with color.

The CMYK color palette is a plays an important role in every aspect of the new brand, landing page, and web-platform. From the logo to button styles on the design uploader page, each element is tied back to the 4 brand color.

It's all about that CMYK.

We started our rebrand knowing that the classic 4 color printing process was to be the driving force behind the new FABFAB

Old Landing Area

New Landing Area

New Landing Area