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We’re global just like you.

Our team doesn’t live in one place, so we know yours might not either. Our decentralized experience means we know just how to grow your startup lean and efficiently, no matter where you are.

The Sieo Team

Aisling Carlson

Chief Business Officer
Aisling (æʃlɪŋ - ASH-ling - She/Her) is Australian/Irish, by way of Hong Kong and Paris. Aisling is curious by nature and takes pleasure in literal and metaphysical exploration. She is currently interested in: ethics, triathlons, the exponential age, and pistachio gelato. In a previous life Aisling worked for a VC and advisory firm in London and a hardware startup in LA. Aisling is the co-founder of Faura.co - a community for the intellectually curious.

Bennett Quintard

Chief Executive Officer
Bennett (He/Him) is a gritty and agile builder who specializes in turning ideas into action. As a lifelong entrepreneur Bennett has had the opportunity to lead and collaborate with diverse and talented teams all over the world. He is passionate about nontraditional education & the establishment of a new economic system via blockchain technology.

Alex Alexander

Chief Marketing Officer
Alex (He/Him) leads all marketing efforts across Sieo but has a personal penchant for customer acquisition with an emphasis on retention. He loves helping startups scale & mentoring and developing his team. He is passionate about rock climbing, music, and cooking.

Mari Kussman

Chief Design Officer
Mari (真理 - She/They) means “truth in knowledge” in Japanese - and indeed there is no esoteric fact that doesn’t fascinate her. She has worked at the intersection of design and technology for over a decade with leadership roles at various emerging tech startups. Her work has been covered in renowned publications and shown internationally.


Director of Blockchain
Dog (Dog/Good Boy) has been a leading voice in the cryptocurrency & blockchain space for over three years, garnering >1 million views per day on his market and industry commentary. He spends most of his time advising companies in crypto, trading cryptocurrencies, and posting photos of traditional Chinese cuisine.

Radhika Manwani

Radhika (she/her) is an outgoing, compassionate, and intellectually curious individual with a diverse background from India & Indonesia. Her previous experiences in the startup environment have built her resilient and agile mindset. When she’s taking time off being a full-time dog mom, she’s learning about the future of blockchain. Her passions lie in health and wellness, cooking new foods, and seeking out the latest culinary trends.

Conner Meyer

Lead Content Strategist
Connor is a Texas-born serial entrepreneur with a knack for engaging content and community building. He’s been helping companies in the crypto space succeed for over four years and now builds brands in multiple industries within ecommerce. If he’s not distilling industry trends into actionable marketing advice, he’s probably listening to stand up or eating barbecue.

James Han

Content & Creative Strategist
James (he/him) is a queer L.A.-based fiction writer and inveterate rover (he’s lived in 8 cities and counting). As a content marketer, he’s applied his keen eye for engaging stories and love of words to help grow more than 35 brands. When he’s not deep in a Google Doc or paperback, you can find him strolling around Mid-City, folding origami, and recreating gluten-free versions of his favorite Chinese foods.

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