Makers Cabinet

Artist’s tools that last a lifetime.

Makers Cabinet was seeing slow and inconsistent growth. Sieo was brought on to scale the company’s online sales, bringing them to 7 figures in revenue in just 6 months. They were looking for experts that cared about their brand.


Pre-launch, visit back soon!

Monthly recurring revenue.
Return on Advertising Spend.
Website conversion rate.

Odin Ardagh

Odin is creating products that fit into a ‘circular economy’ using recycled, sustainable, and renewable materials that are manufactured locally in sustainable and ethical factories. Their designs are repairable and long-lasting,.

Working with the Sieo team has been an absolute pleasure. They’ve 10x’ed our revenue giving our digital marketing the stability we dreamed about when we founded our company. With the confidence of their team at our backs we are eager to continue to redefine the stationery industry and scale alongside their team.

What we did

Business Development


  • Social Media Advertising
  • Lifecycle & Email Marketing
  • Website CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)


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