Diversity in the Venture Capital Value Chain

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Recent years have seen meteoric growth in interest and action around diversity, inclusion, and social justice in the venture capital ecosystem. Some of the most compelling trends have been related to capital allocation.

Increasing numbers of investors hope to become Limited Partners (LPs) in funds that are managed by diverse General Partners (GPs), and/or funds that target investments in diverse founders. This is not impact investing, per se. The hypothesis is generally that diverse GPs and diverse founders represent a historically untapped source of value creation. There is also a hope that intentionally investing in underrepresented minorities (URM), at the fund and/or startup level, will improve social, human, and financial capital-related outcomes for URM, contributing more broadly to more equitable economic outcomes.
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Who Are We?

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What are we researching?

We designed and are conducting a survey to collect data from GPs to help us investigate our hypothesis that diverse funders do indeed lead to an increase in diverse founders. Following the collection, we will analyze the data to assess whether intentionally URM-focused investment decisions among LPs (investing in diverse GPs and/or funds with diversity mandates) and/or URM GPs drive 1) increased diversity of founders in portcos, and 2) returns. We will also be analyzing the profiles of GPs to provide LPs with data to optimize for their diversity goals.

Our Track Record

As you may already know, Sieo and Diversity VC have published two prior “Diversity in US Startups” reports. This third edition is a broader and deeper assessment of the ecosystem.

Where are we on this journey?

We have already begun collecting data for this ambitious project and, to mark the launch of our data survey, we hosted a panel discussion exploring the “What's the LP Perspective on Diversity Mandates”.

Timeline of our work

Timeline of our work

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